Ander Mirambell

Track Coach

Fernando Oliva

Physical Preparation

Robin Goyens

Physiotherapy & Injury prevention

Eline Berings

Performance psychologist

Ellen Jacobs

Sports Physiotherapist

Aurélie De Ryck


I’m not only passionate about sports and its own movements, also about the human body and its uniqueness. Skeleton and Kim are both and I’m eager to learn more and more from this unique combination. When I got the chance to see her winning her very first world cup medal, I knew I wanted to take care of that always smiling Lil Belgian and also be a part of that professional team. A team with drive, passion and respect. “When you give respect – you get respect. “

Maarten Thysen

Sports Physician

Jef Brouwers

Performance Psychologist

Working with Kim Meylemans is a real pleasure. She consistently acts as an elite athlete making all staff people eager to work with her.

When you see her, you meet her passion and excitement. As the Little Belgian Living Heads First she is the “great” Belgian ‘dopamine transmitter’ of the team.

She understands my favorite quote: “when fun stops stress starts” That is why she is always smiling.

Ruben Clijsters


Managing athletes starts by listening… What do they need to be the best possible version of themselves? Make them see the bigger picture first and then go into detail to  become better, faster and stronger!