Meet Kim

Skeleton Athlete

From Limburg, Belgium

As the leading lady of the Belgian Skeleton and Bobsleigh team, Kim is a well respected Belgian athlete by the press, the people and colleague athletes.

How it all started

Because of asthma Kim has lived in Königssee for 9 years. In this beautiful German village she was introduced to the world of skeleton. Kim was a young soccer player, as one of the teachers said: “maybe we could try something else with you”. So he asked her to try skeleton and she never looked back.


Now living in Belgium, Kim has respresented Belgium a first time at the 2018 Olympics and is working hard to bring back a medal in 2022 and 2026. Besides competing she also hopes to inspire young athletes to follow in her footsteps.


Kim is ambassador for OUT FOR THE WIN. This organisation aims to normalise LGBTQI people in sports and empower youth to feel comfortable in their own skin, by increasing the visibility of the LGBTQI community in all sports and sportclubs through storytelling.


Being born in Germany to Belgian parents Kim started her sliding career in Germany but always identified herself more with her Belgian. As she is also not the tallest in het sport, her nickname “little Belgian” was born.